Amazing Books & Prints

Photicular 3D Animation Book
Kainen and Kaufmann now offer four books in this series- all amazing!

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Photicular Animation Books

Cylinder Anamorphic Art
This image by István Orosz is available as a poster and as a puzzle:

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Mysterious Island Puzzle

Mysterious Island Poster

Many books are available (with mirror cylinders)

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Anamorphic Art in Books

See the math behind this art: here is an initial paper on the topic published in 2000 in the American Journal of Physics: Anamorphic Images by Hunt et al.
Dinosaur: Photicular 3D Animation Book
From Kainen and Wollard:

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Dinosaur: Photicular Book
360° Book: Earth and Moon
Available here- four versions of 360° Books to choose from:

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360° Books
Four versions to choose from!

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Martin Gardner's Science Magic
The hoop used is just the inner circle of an embroidery hoop. Get one for a couple dollars here:

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Wooden Hoop

The science writer Martin Gardner has published many books of physics tricks and simple but amazing science experiments like the one in this video. Highly recommended.

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Martin Gardner's Science Magic: Tricks and Puzzles
Tumble Rings
I made this set of tumble rings from reading Martin Gardner's description in his famous mathematical recreations books- highly recommended:

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Knots and Borromean Rings by Martin Gardner
Describes the Tumble Rings

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Books on recreational math and puzzles by Martin Gardner
Lots of physics and math toys in these pages!
Magic Sake Cup:
These are hard to find--
also beware that some versions of this cup (Dragonware) contain images many would consider "adult content"!

I recommend making one with a shot glass and a marble as described in this fun collection of DIY science experiments by Martin Gardner:

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Science Fun by Martin Gardner